3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Making The Money You Deserve

I just completed an interview with Nan Ross, Social Media Specialist on her Blogtalkradio program the Nan Ross Show.  You can listen to a replay of that interview just by clicking on the blue title link featured on the next page.

Why 75 Percent Of New Freelance Business Fail Within The First 12 Months

During the interview I discussed the 3 reasons why creative service professionals are struggling, i.e. not making the money they deserve.

I feel so strongly about today’s topic that I wanted to write them down for you to review, but I would love for you to listen our show as well..

1.  Focusing on Service Delivery Instead ‘Service’

Many freelancers are very passionate about what they do, and as such believe that clients hire them because they can do the thing that they’re hired for.  And so as a result we tend to direct the majority of our attention towards getting better at doing “the thing” we do; or what I call the “service delivery”.  Of course you want to be good at what you do, you have to deliver.

But when you market your business you have to shift your focus from service delivery to service. Clients want to know that you care about them and their problems and that you have solutions to their problems.  That’s truly what you provide a client.

2.  Not Recognizing Your Value And The Transformation Your Client Is Looking For

When you shift your focus to service you can’t fully do this until your acknowledge your own value. Yes, you must acknowledge your skill and your craft but equally you must understand and acknowledge the value you provide.

In other words, you don’t just design the blog, shoot the campaign, create the business cards or the ads.  You help the client get a transformation. You help them make more money, get a better relationship or transform the one they are in.

With that said it’s key that you first find out what your client “REALLY” wants and then provide them with your own brand of service delivery.

For example, let’s take a photographer who shoots boudoir photos. What that client really wants is to feel beautiful, to feel acknowledged and for various reasons.  Perhaps her partner hasn’t been as attentive as she would like and she wants to bring some spark back into their relationship, maybe she’s experienced a recent shift in her personal appearance and she wants to remind herself that she’s still desirable and attractive.  Do you see what I’m talking about?

It’s important that you interview your prospective client.

When you interview a prospective client you uncover what’s on their mind, what’s driving them, what scares them, what makes them happy.  If you do that first, before you start quoting prices you’ll find out what is they really want.  And notice I said want, not need.  We hate to spend money on what we need but we love to spend money on what we want.

Which leads us to point number three –

3.  Fear Of Asking For The Sale

When you fully embrace that you are a problem solver, you understand your value and the transformation that you provide your client and you can stand in that truth it becomes much easier to ask for the sale.  As a matter of fact in most cases if you’ve connected and deeply bonded with a prospective client they will most likely ask to work with you.

But just in case they don’t you ask for the sale don’t become discouraged.  Creative service professionals in my experience make way too much out of asking for the sale.  In reality asking could be as simple as you saying, “I really feel that I can help you, if you feel the same way I would love to work with you”.

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Be sure to check out Days 10, 12 and Day 22 in particular for more tips on today’s subject.

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