Are You Failing To See Income That’s Right Under Your Nose?

I just finished a totally energizing [Focus On Sales] Discovery Session!
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It never ceases to amaze me how some photographers can’t see the incredible potential to create money with the resources they already have at their finger tips… in this client’s case he has a passion for food photography, a data base full of contacts (that’s he’s already worked with) and income potential that’s ready to go!

So after a few minutes with just a little coaching he had two ‘a-ha’ moments, one centered around his waiting until (everything was done) before taking action and other, around not realizing the income potential that is literally starring back at him from his computer monitor. All he had to do was pick up the phone, make the appointment and present it.

You see that’s the true benefit of working with a mentor or coach, having someone outside of your day to day experience that’s been trained to see and bring to the surface the opportunities in your business and ‘most importantly’ within yourself.

Opportunities you otherwise miss because you’re too close. Another major benefit to working with a mentor is that they can see the self-sabotaging habits and limiting behaviors that we all do subconsciously.

In just a few minutes this very talented photographer realized what had been available to him all along and all he needed was to recognize it; then to activate it, all he had to do is pick up the phone.  I showed him to present his idea and encouraged him to take action immediately.  Write this down: Money Likes Speed!

Are you letting income slip through your fingers? Want to learn how to put an end to it now, so you can set bigger goals and achieve bigger dreams? Is so, let’s talk, currently I offer a complimentary [End The Struggle Now] Strategy Session.

I’ve designed these sessions to be the first step towards getting clear and focused on the path toward achieving your fondest desire.

All it takes to get what you want in life is a dream and someone to help you see the fastest path to achieving it.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me feel free to use my free online scheduler to book your appointment (this is quickest) -or- if you prefer drop me an email to:

I’ll respond within 24 -48 hours with details and we’ll get you on the calendar.

So what are you waiting for? The blueprint to your dream could be a simple click away.

Can I support you further?

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About Rodney Washington

Rodney is a Photographer, Creative Marketing Strategist & Author helping photographers & creative service professionals gain attention and increase sales. He is the author of the recently published book: Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits. You can learn about him, his products and programs on this blog: You will also find information onhis availability to speak or be a guest for your organization of media outlet.
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