[New Teleseminar] The Recession Proof Photographer: 5 Steps To Moving From Struggle And Confusion To Clarity & Profits

Join me on Tuesday July 13th 5 P.M. PST/ 8 P.M. EST for my upcoming tele class
The Recession Proof Photographer: 5 Steps To Moving From Struggle And Confusion To Clarity & Profits!

On the call Rodney will walk you through his 5 step process that he and his clients use to get focused, set achievable goals, create a plan and get into action in six weeks or less.

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This will be conversation like no other that Rodney has done. For starters this is not a traditional sales and marketing advice call. Rodney is going reveal a simple process that after you implement it will change the way to feel about your passion, how you talk about it, who you connect with and how others will be attracted to you from this point on.

During the call Rodney will reveal his 5-step process for effective creative marketing and client attraction, here’s a overview of what he’ll cover:

#1 The Power Of Your Story:
The importance of knowing and telling your story, why you do what you do is just as important as what you offer. Rodney will share with you a simple exercise that he uses that will help you gain crystal clear clarity around the power of story. By the end of the call you will know to how you can implement this powerful strategy into your marketing. *Remember as visual artists it’s not so much what you show, it’s what you tell.

#2 Know Your Ideal Customer Inside & Out:
Failure to understand the desires of your ideal prospect causes more entrepreneurs to struggle than any fly by night marketing technique. The ability to know your prospect inside and out and I’m not just talking about age, sex and occupation. I’m talking about understanding your prospects buying habits, what they read, where are they currently spending money, what’s worries them, what pisses them off, what excites them? Learn a simple technique that will help you find out what your prospect is looking for right now.

#3 What Do Your Clients Get, Really?
As creative artists we tend to focus solely on the finished product. But again going to back to the power of story, when you establish a emotional connection between what you offer and what your client is looking for and feeling then you significantly increase your opportunity to make the sale. In other words what your client is buying is not just a service or a product but an emotional release.

#4 Clearing The Decks:
You can’t accomplished anything in your business when you’re constantly strapped for time. Remember you can make, lose and re-make money, but the same can’t be said for time. Rodney is going to reveal a simple system to gain control of your time and tips to leverage your resources so you can create more experiential services for your clients at higher fees. Plus as a bonus he is going to give callers a FREE bonus worksheet he uses with his paid clients to help you get organized fast.

#5 Choosing The Right Marketing Strategy:
It seems everybody today is fixed on the latest and greatest marketing widget guaranteed to get you more clients fast, but if you don’t understand the viability of these resources often all you’re going to do is waste a lot of time.

Online marketing is great, but in our over stimulated attention deficit oriented society many of you (your customers included) just don’t have the attention span that we once had. So what does this mean for online marketing tools? It means that you have to work 4 to 5 times harder just get your prospect to notice you online. It’s not that online marketing is dead, not by a long shot, it’s just not enough!

At a recent business and mindset retreat Rodney attended a question was posed to the audience “If the Internet went away today, how would you market your business?” On this new tele call Rodney is going to reveal some simple ways you can get in front of your prospects with a fresh prospective.

Rodney will be offering a bonus worksheet to help you develop the right marketing systems for your business. After the call you will have the tools to get clear on your goals, get your mindset in the right place for success and his 5-part roadmap to connect with new clients and photo buyers immediately after the call.

Be sure to listen straight through to the end because Rodney is going to reveal a special gift that he’s never offered before but you have to register to find out what it is.

To register for this free tele training all you need to do is enter your first name and a valid email address in the form below and you’ll be sent an instant confirmation.

Important: Be sure to check your email to confirm your registration and you’ll be all set.

PS: Even if you can’t make the call still register anyway and you’ll be certain to receive the replay afterward.

Here are those dates and times again: Tuesday July 13th 5 P.M. PST/ 8 P.M. EST

See you on the call, to you success, Rodney

Enter your name and email address below to register for the call and receive the bonuses


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About Rodney Washington

Rodney is a Photographer, Creative Marketing Strategist & Author helping photographers & creative service professionals gain attention and increase sales. He is the author of the recently published book: Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits. You can learn about him, his products and programs on this blog: http://www.eyeonmarketingsuccess.com. You will also find information onhis availability to speak or be a guest for your organization of media outlet.
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