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Your book is a MUST HAVE for all photographers who are looking for business SUCCESS vs struggle! – Melanie Rockett, Publisher of

Washington’s book encourages the reader to take action and make the positive steps that will bring success. It may involve a new way of looking at your current business, it may be venturing into areas you’d previously avoided or it may be something else entirely but by taking action, you can find success. – Craig Ferguson, Cultural Photographer –  Click here to Read more

“Great strategic social media advice and time saving tips.
There’s a tremendous amount of content and ideas to help get ahead in marketing, from inspiration to goals online. Hundreds of business building ideas for any level photographer.”
– Zach Prez, Author of Photography Web Marketing Guide

“Buy this book, read this book and work this book.
There is no doubt in my mind that your consistent efforts applied to the suggestions and  action plans Rodney has laid out for you will result in improving your business and your eventual success!”
– Selina Maitreya, Author of  The View From Here

“As a graphic designer of 10 years and a Social Media Strategist, I highly recommend the book, Eye on Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle And Confusions to Clarity & Profit. Mr. Washington has given a practical 41 days of strategies and tactics for freelancers who may be lost or confused because they may not know what actions they can implement for the success of their business.This book provides an action plan checklist for client retention, client acquisition and online branding tools to overcome the struggles of today’s slow economy. A must read guide for survival!” – Nan Ross, Corporate


“I purchased Eye On Marketing by Rodney Washington to provide information for setting up and improving my current marketing strategy, and it has delivered on all accounts. The information is easily digestible and can be put to use almost straight away. A highly recommended read.” Simon, –

“If you’re still reading why wait?
In less than 20 minutes from now you could be implementing the powerful strategies contained in my book  from the time you receive your copy!”
– Rodney Washington, Creative Marketing Strategist & Author

Here’s The Simplest & Most Effective Way To Attract More Clients And Sell More Of  Your Photography & Photography Related Services Compiled In One Handy Resource To Date!

  • You want to express yourself visually, and be paid well for it!
  • You want to enjoy the work you do and the people you do it for!
  • You don’t want to spend the whole day trying to figure out how to reach new buyers
  • You want to invest in your business without worrying about when your next client is going to come
  • You want more free time so you’re not chained to your computer
  • Perhaps you want a portable business so you can travel and still create income no matter where you are.
  • You want to get your marketing activities done quickly, so you can Create & Sell More of Your Photos  and Services & Work with the type of clients you REALLY want to work with!

So Let’s Make It Easy, Already.

Let’s be honest here creative types aren’t necessarily all that interested in left brain activities like business tasks. I mean wouldn’t you rather be out with your camera being creative and working with cool people who genuinely appreciate you and doing what you love doing?

Well, what if I told you that this was not only possible, but preferable.  What do I mean? The people you want to connect with are just as excited to work with you as you are to work with them.

The reality is buyers are everywhere let’s explore a few of them right now.

  • Women looking to feel better about themselves and rekindle their relationship with their partners
  • Pastry chefs want to entice new customers to come into their bake shop and purchase their cupcakes
  • An aspiring model wants to get signed with a top agency
  • A hotel needs to fill its rooms and entice their guests to use their facilities
  • The fashion designer wants to get their new line into boutiques and make a name for themselves
  • Couples are getting married everyday and either have or someday will have children
  • Entrepreneurs, new authors and CEO’s all need images to sell their products and services
  • You get the idea ?

And these are just a few examples, so not only does your ideal client need you, as a matter of fact they’re actively seeking you out!

So if this is case, the only question for you is, are you making an appearance where they’re looking so you two can connect?

Well, I’ve just made the made the connection process easy, easy to learn and easy to implement as a matter of fact you can get started right away. How? With my easy to use, step by step book and bonus training program and the best part you can get started TODAY!  Trust me it doesn’t get easier than that.

The Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity Into Profits Program has everything you need to start making connections with your ideal clients so you can do what you love to do, have more time and make more money in less time! The program includes:

  • 168 Page Book (e-book) with a print option
  • Over 3 additional hours of MP3 training
  • 1 Full Transcript
  • Resource Directory
  • 41 PDF Bonus Checklists (taken directly from the book)

“It’s Like Having Personal Coaching From Me, Whenever (Or Wherever) You Need It”

Every day, I help photographers and creative service professionals overcome the blocks to making connections with their ideal clients and customers so they can be better service providers and make more money in process.

I understand the struggles facing creative service professionals, like asking for what you’re worth and getting it, finding new clients to work with, doing the work that you enjoy while avoiding getting bogged down in the “marketing stuff”.

You won’t find any off the wall tips that will take you for ever to implement or to get results. For example: Did you know that you can write a press release in an afternoon and send it out same day? (Day 24)

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn and can take ACTION on TODAY!

  • Day 1: Get New Clients Fast With Referral Marketing
  • Day 4: Blogging For Photographers 101: How To Set Up Your Own In Less Than 24 hours!
  • Day 9: How To Thrive When Your Struggling
  • Day 15: The 5 Top Marketing Strategies Of A Successful Photographer
  • Day 18: What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost And Overwhelmed
  • Day 26: 2 Reasons Why Don’t Market As Often As You Should
  • Day 31: Take An Inspiration Day – 5 Ways To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business
  • Day 37: Do You Make Decisions From A Place of Fear or Possibility?
  • Day 40: What Makes You Come Alive?

I take you by the hand and help you every step of the way, you won’t be left scratching your head thinking “how am going to do this?” Each chapter of the book is presented as a daily lesson each with a bonus “get into action now” checklist.

You won’t be asked to make a huge investment. Because I’ve made the cost of this program Ridiculously Affordable!

Each chapter has been presented as a “daily lesson” (hint: 41 lessons, 41 days) each with it’s own “Get Into Action Checklist” designed so that you can pick up the book turn to any page, review, grasp what’s needed and get into action immediately one-day-at-a-time.

Why this book? Why Now?

“I believe having worked as a professional photographer for the past five years myself and the numerous conversations I continually have with my clients and colleagues that the lack of access to marketing tools or  knowledge around the marketing is not the problem.

But maintaining the motivation, having clarity and ‘possessing the where with all’ to clear the blocks that impede your ability to act is what stops many creative professionals.

At the end of the day how much you actually get done, will allow you to experience the transformation you seek in your business”.

“Why this book? Why Now?” because I believe as a society we’re on serious information overload, we don’t need any more information, we need to take more action.  Action is what I know will turn your business around. Action will transform your life, Action will transform this economy, that’s what I believe” quote from the author

About the book?

Originally based on the bi-weekly online newsletter: Eye On Marketing Marketing Tips & Tools for the entrepreneurial minded photographer the book takes it a step further by providing the reader with daily lessons designed to not only educate on marketing strategies but to inspire the reader to go even deeper by developing their most valuable asset – their inner marketing muscle.

How much is the book and where can I purchase it?

Print Book orders are currently being processed through Lulu.come-books orders are being processed through e-Junkie!

Both the digital (e-book) format and physical print (your choice) are being offered for the����$20 (e-book) -or- $24.95+ shipping/handling (print).

If you’re ready to purchase the e-book version now click on the button below

If you prefer a print version of the book please click here.
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E-book orders please note: After your purchase completes you will be issued an immediate message by the payment processor that includes the download link to access your e-book.  If you don’t receive that message, please check your spam folder.

Also if you use a spam blocker (like Spam Arrest) your message may have gotten caught. Make the necessary adjustments and you should receive your confirmation message.

Let’s Take A Quick Peek At What You’re About To Download …

When you download the Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle And Confusion To Clarity & Profits program, first you’ll have access to the ebook if choose that option (print orders please allow 5 business days for your book to arrive) download this immediately onto your hard drive and open it up with Adobe Acrobat free reader software.

Next in your favorite web browser you’ll have access to all 3 mini-workshops in one place. With just a single click, you can open up any of the features of the Jump Start program detailed below:

(Details on how to access these files are printed inside your book)

The Jump Start Your Marketing Action Kit is valued at over $97 dollars and includes 3 bonus training modules and my resources directory all detailed below: Instructions will automatically be sent to you on how you can access the files at the end of the transaction and also inside your book.

Eye On Marketing: First Step Jump Start Kit
Includes 3 audio training programs + PDF downloads –

  • Bonus #1 – Land More Clients With Referral Marketing (Audio Training) w/Portrait Photographer Nikki Incandela – includes a word for word PDF transcript & MP3
  • Bonus #2Create Your Customer Profile (Audio) training with Photographer, Gallery Owner and Photo Collage Artist Carolyn Quan
  • Bonus #3Ezine Publishing 101 (Audio) training with the author Rodney Washington
  • Bonus #4 – Resources Directory (everything I know, every service, product or program I’ve personally used or highly recommend is in included in this downloadable PDF report)
  • Bonus #5 – 41 Downloadable PDF “Get Into Action Checklists” featured in the book
  • Special add-on bonus: For a limited time I will be offering complimentary [End The Struggle Strategy Sessions] to new book owners. For more details on this valuable new program visit this link. (To claim your complimentary session all you’ll need to do is forward a copy of your Lulu or e-junkie receipt and you’ll be sent detail instructions on how to set up your session with the author!)

And your book will also show you exactly where to find the MP3’s, checklists and transcripts in the program.

Why did I go to all this trouble? I’ve purchased a great many information products, and most of them are poorly formatted and hastily assembled, making them hard to use. I’ve been in the training business for almost two decades, so I wanted to make sure you don’t have a single obstacle between you and selling more of your images and connecting with the type of clients you most want to work with.

So Here’s The Deal:

  1. Great coaching from a person whose been where you are and understands the pitfalls and joys of being paid doing what you love
  2. An extremely affordable program that takes little time or effort on your part
  3. It’s only $20.00  (e-book) $24.97 (print) That’s nothing compared to what you get out of it. You’re worth it.

Click Here To Get Your Copy & Access To The Jump Start Bonus Training Program

Share the wealth:

Do you know a fellow photographer or creative service professional who could benefit from the guidance contained in this book?

If so, did you know that just by sharing the link to this page you could make a few bucks in the process? How? By becoming a EOM book affiliate!

Here’s how the program works? I pay 50% for all new book sales you refer. Right now Eye On Marketing is being sold for the special introductory price of $20.00 so when someone you refer buys the book you’ll receive $10.00 per individual sale!

True it’s not a lot of cash, but with only one or two sales a day you could pick up a nice latte (with a cookie:-) while helping a friend. Here’s The Link to Join our Affiliate Program! Click on it to learn more about how the program works and to sign up, I promise it’s quick and easy.

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