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Spread the word to photographers and creative service professionals about my marketing success programs and products by becoming an affiliate.

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Earn a 50% commission (that’s $10.00) on my book Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits and 25% on my Eye On Marketing Blueprint Coaching Package (that’s $86.75).

How to Sign Up

It is super easy to get started.

Become an Affiliate for Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits

The link above will register you at e-junkie and generate your custom URL that redirects to my website. When people use your URL and later make purchases, it remembers and racks up your commissions. Feel free to disguise as a short URL with a link shortening service like

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Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits

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Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits

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Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits

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Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits

Marketing Posts for Twitter or Facebook

Feel free to use these sample posts to your Twitter or Facebook page. Replace the link with your affiliate link if needed. I recommend scheduling a series of these over 5 days using a tool like hootsuite or tweetdeck.

• New @photomktmentor ebook Eye On Marketing has 41 quick action marketing ideas to grow your photo biz

• Reading how to use Facebook to get more clients @photomktmentor ebook Eye On Marketing

•  Wow, I just learned how to write a press releases that gets noticed in @photomktmentor ebook Eye On Marketing –

•  Stop losing money! Eye On Marketing – showed me 5 ways to seal money leaks in your photo biz

• Discover a simple technique to get more clients using video! Just read in Eye On Marketing

• 158 pages of marketing bliss for #photographers – Everything we need in one PDF

• I’ve reignited my passion for photography by taking a inspiration day. Tip from Eye On Marketing

• My former clients now call me back because of what I’ve learned. Thanks Eye On Marketing

• I recommend Eye On Marketing to get more clients through your site!

• Let’s co-create the blueprint to your own successful photography business, visit: to get yours!

Email Your Audience

You can use all or portions of the following email to promote to your audience via email.


As photographers, I know we’re all hungry for more business especially in these economically challenging times. Recently I learned how to spread the word about my photography services without overwhelming myself or my team with complicated marketing strategies that simply don’t work.

The knowledge that I’ve gained has given me the space to take a fresh prospective on my marketing activities so I now get more done in less time and I believe what I’m about to share in this email will do the same for you.

I recently read Eye On Marketing: 41 Days From Struggle and Confusion to Clarity & Profits by my buddy Rodney Washington. I learned that many of the things I was doing to marketing my photos and photography services was actually working ‘against’ instead of for me, and as a result I missed many opportunities to reach more people. For example:

  • How To Get New Clients Fast With Referral Marketing
  • How To Set Up A Client Generating Blog In Less Than 24 hours!
  • How To Thrive When Your Struggling
  • The 5 Top Marketing Strategies Of A Successful Photographer
  • What To Do When You’re Feeling Lost And Overwhelmed
  • 2 Reasons Why Don’t Market As Often As You Should
  • Why Taking An Inspiration Day Is So Important To The Growth Of Your Business & 5 Ways To Put More Of YOU Back Into Your Business
  • How To Make Business Decisions From A Place of Possibility Instead of Fear
  • And much, much more.

I think you’ll get a ton from the e-book and also his FREE End The Struggle Now Strategy Sessions. Rodney is widely respected by photographers and has already helped me and countless others with his ebooks on search engine optimization. Check it out before your competition does.

Promote on Your Blog

I’d be happy to write a guest post for your blog with quality content that can softly mention the ebook like this example. Or you can write your own like this great example.

Podcasters and Radio Show Hosts

I’m always available for interviews, if you’d like to feature me as a guest on your next podcast or radio program I’m totally open. If you have a topic please feel free to make a suggestion or if you prefer I’ll create a compelling hook title and draft up an outline for you within 24 to 48 hours of you contacting me.

I currently host my own podcast program on Blogtalkradio.

All the information you need is located on the media page of this blog including graphics, links to past and upcoming shows, media one-sheets plus all of my contact info including telephone number and email.

How You Get Paid

e-Junkie remembers how many purchases were made through your URL (even if they close the browser and buy at a later time). It will send you an email too congratulating you for your efforts. At the end of the month I’ll send your affiliate commissions via PayPal.

How you receive your money? Affiliate commissions are issued automatically via Paypal by or at the end of every calendar month for sales generated in the previous month. So for example if you sell five books in August you will receive your affiliate commission by the end of September.

Sales generated in September will be paid by the end of October and so on.

If you have any questions about payments or if you need additional information you can reach me by email at I try to respond to all emails within 24 – 48 hours.

Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the material contained in this workshop and its potential. We cannot and do not guarantee you’ll make huge amounts of money or have any particular success or success of any kind.

In fact, since we are not you, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific results – only your satisfaction (and you’re guaranteed a refund if you’re not satisfied within 2 months of purchase). Any and all liability is limited to the purchase price of this program.
Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will get specific results. But you’re smart enough to already understand that. :-)

Your Referral Lasts for 6 Months

Your affiliate link points to my homepage and the cookie on the user’s computer lasts for 6 months. That means if you refer them to my free email course, where I can build their trust and upsell my products and services. Purchases made up to 6 months from now will be attributed to you.

Stay Current On Promotions & New Programs

I’m in the process of developing a more comprehensive outreach program to market the book and related programs and that includes making sure that you stay aware of what I’m doing.  To make sure that you’re kept up-to-date on new products and programs I’m launching I encourage you to register below by entering your contact info in the fields provided below.

Of course if you have any questions or recommendations on how I can better support you as an affiliate please don’t hesitate to drop me an email. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

To our continued growth and success, Welcome

Rodney Washington

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